The Editor

Re: Special Issue on User-led Science

Dear Madam/Sir

Please find attached an abstract submission for the special issue of JCOM on user-led P2P science. We propose a paper that discusses a specific type of service — the aggregator — that has significant promise for scientific communication and, perhaps more importantly, community building. The authors are users of the FriendFeed service, and we have taken as our central focus the critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of this aggregator service and the use patterns it supports. This will be explored with a view to how it enables and supports a wider network of communication and collaboration with its existing science-focussed user community, as well as reflecting on how this communication can be widened to involve a greater contribution from and communication with the interested general public.

The paper itself will be an exemplar of the application of Web2 technologies. The authors are drawn from geographically disparate locations and most have never met in person. The abstract was collaboratively authored, in the open, on a free-hosted wiki service ( and we will adopt the same approach with the paper. In this respect we would also ask that the journal consider a different license to that usually applied to JCOM articles and would ask that the paper be released under a CC-BY license if selected.

Yours sincerely

Cameron Neylon
on behalf of the abstract authors.